Lyle Waldron

Lyle has been a Pro Guide for Flaming Gorge Resort for over 20 years.  The Green River continues to amaze him every day.  He finds that the Green River teaches him the true value of life.  He believes that the Green River is among the top fisheries in North America along with the most beautiful and then catching the fish is a bonus.

Lyle has been on ESPN Fly Fishing the World with John Barrett and also on TV Channel 2 with the late Doug Miller Great Outdoors.

Lyle is very experienced and appreciates all of his clients that have requested him over the years.

Spencer Manwaring

Spencer Manwaring has been a professional fly-fishing guide on the Green River since 2004.  He enjoys dry-fly fishing, but also employs various other techniques such as nymphing and streamer fishing. One of his favorite parts of guiding is helping clients develop their fly-fishing skills. His easygoing personality makes him a patient instructor.

Spencer has always loved the great outdoors, prior to becoming a fly-fishing guide he was a white water guide from 1996-2003. He ran multi-day trips on many rivers including the Colorado, the Yampa, the Salt, the Green, and the Middle-fork of the Salmon.

Spencer spends his free time snowboarding, mountain biking, kayaking, and chasing steelhead. He has many hobbies, but his favorite past-time is fishing the Green with his wife, Annie.                    


Cody Banks

Since 1998, Cody has had the privilege of spending time fishing the Green River with friends he has met while guiding for Flaming Gorge Resort.  Growing up fishing the waters of Utah led to a love of fly fishing and especially the Green River.  Cody loves to tie bugs that will fool the keen Green River trout and especially loves to get them to rise for big hackle ants.  Although he loves to fish dry flies he also will do what it takes to get fish to the boat.  He loves the challenge and intrigue that every day fishing the Green brings to anglers.

Cody teaches Biology at Mountain High School during the off season.  When he’s not teaching or guiding on the river, Cody spends his time fishing, hunting, and playing all across northern Utah.

Cody welcomes anyone to his boat that wants to have a good time and loves to show his clients the intricate behaviors of the rivers trout and the varieties of invertebrates found there.  Whether you are a beginning angler looking to learn the basics or a seasoned angler that just needs someone to row your drifts, Cody will help to make your trip to the Green River an unforgettable experience!

David Peters

David grew up in a small town in Indiana, and doesn't remember not having some kind of fishing gear in his hands. His earliest memories are of fishing outings with his father and grandfather. Many years later a fly rod arrived on a cold Christmas morning and, "that kind of sent my life in a different direction!" He explains.
David accepted an early retirement offer from the painting trade that he had learned from his father and began his second career as a Fly Fishing Guide here in Utah.

After six seasons on the Green River, David still loves being able to share his love for Fly Fishing with others. "The thrill of seeing someone catch their first trout on a fly rod is addicting", David claims. Those memories last forever for the clients and for the guides as well. He also enjoys his days with experienced anglers, saying, "I learn so much about being a better guide from those great fishermen".

Beginning his seventh year in the spring of 2015 David is looking forward to seeing all of his return clients, and making many new friends on the river.
"To be able to be a part of this great sport, and to share it with others is the best "retirement" a guy could imagine"!

Robbe Mayall

Robbe has a great passion for two activities, fly fishing and skiing.  In 2009 he added guided fly fishing on the Green River to his many years of teaching skiing at Alta, Utah.  It has been his great privilege to share the adventures of these two sports with others.

He enjoys teaching people to fly fish and help them build their skills to the point that they are comfortable and catching fish.  “Helping someone catch their first fish on a fly is quite rewarding.  There may be nothing cooler than the look on a father’s face as his son catches that first fish”.

Robbe values the friendships that he develops on these guided trips and believes that dry fly fishing on the Green is a special experience.  He looks forward to meeting his next client or greet the ones that want to come back.

Dan Kloos


Dan was born and raised in Ohio, and started guiding for Flaming Gorge Resort during his college summers.  He was taught to fish by his dad and started out fly-fishing around the Great Lakes and Ohio Rivers.  

Dan welcomes anyone in his boat who wants to experience the Green River and enjoy all it has to offer.  He enjoys fishing dry flies but will utilize other techniques such as nymphing and streamer fishing.  

When Dan's not fishing, his hobbies include any type of sport, ceramics, and enjoying time with friends and family.


Dustin Kovac

Dustin grew up chasing large mouth bass and alligator gar in the South.  After spending an entire summer in the backcountry of the Wind River Range building the Continental Divide Trail, he has dedicated himself to chasing the largest Golden Trout in the world high in the backcountry of Wyoming.  When he is not hiking or guiding he's exploring the Green River from Pinedale through C section of the Green in Flaming Gorge, his favorite river.  After guiding in the Flaming Gorge spring through mid summer, he guides in Jackson Hole in the Upper Green and the Snake River.  Dustin's passion for fly fishing and adventure will ensure a day filled with stores and of course, catchin fish!

David Schneider

David was raised in Page, Arizona and started fishing as soon as he could hold a rod and reel.  His grandparents moved to Dutch John in 1999, which began a whole new fishing adventure for David. David has been fly fishing the Green River ever since.  He started working in the fly shop at age 16, learning everything he could from the local guides.  

When David is not guiding or working in the fly shop, he is tying flies and testing them for his next trip down the river.  David is passionate about sharing this sport with all of his clients and works very hard to ensure their trip is exceptional.

David is one of our guides who is available year round.

Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson is a native Oregonian from the town of Bandon on the southern coastline. Having an avid angler for a father some of his earliest memories are of fishing bluegill and bass with his dad on the local lakes around his home.

While attending the University of Oregon Luke became interested in fly fishing for trout on the McKenzie and upper Willamette rivers near Eugene. “I spent a lot of my free time out on those rivers teaching myself to fly fish.

Luke first fished the Green River during a cross-country road trip taking him from Florida to Oregon in the winter of 2006. “I just fell in love with the place. This was the first place that I had ever fished where I felt everything come together; quality of water, quality of fish and fishing, and unbelievable scenery… Beautiful.”

Luke began working in the Flaming Gorge Resort fly shop the spring of 2007 and has been guiding anglers on all three sections of Utah’s Green river each season since. “Each section and each season present unique opportunities and unique challenges. One of the beautiful things about this fishery is the diversity of techniques an angler can employ and enjoy success.”

“I feel lucky each day that I can guide for this outfit on this river. I enjoy the opportunity to be a part of my guests experience on this great piece of water and I look forward to helping them rip a few lips!”

Jeff Taniguchi

Jeff is a new guide but is no stranger to the Green River, he has been fishing on the Green River for 35 years. Jeff considers it a privilege to guide and fish one the greatest fisheries in America.
Jeff grew up in Price Utah, he started fly fishing and fly tying at the age of 12, fishing many of the big waters of the West. Jeff still fishes his home waters of the North Eastern Region and the South Eastern Region in Utah. Jeff moved to Vernal in 1981  teaching welding at Uintah High School for 18 years, and Uintah Basin Applied Technology College for the past 16 years, and is currently teaching there. Jeff and his students built his Driftboat 15 years ago which he uses to guide with to this day. Jeff likes to bring his teaching experiences to instruct beginning fly fisherman as well as those who are experienced fishermen. 
Jeff is passionate about fly fishing and has been involved in giving back to the sport  he loves. He served 10 years on the Blue Ribbon Fisheries Advisory Council, and started the High Desert Anglers chapter of Trout Unlimited (TU) Vernal Utah. Jeff is the current Utah Council Chairman for Utah Trout Unlimited (TU).  Jeff was featured on the television program "TU on the rise" on the Green River, and in the December 2010 issue of Field & Stream magazine "The Outlaw Triangle fishing the Green River". Jeff is also an accomplished artist with sculptures of trout and salmon at the Livingston Center for Art and Culture in Livingston, Montana. Jeff's sculptures were featured in the Spring 2012 issue of Drake magazine vol 14 issue 1. He is still involved  in river and lake cleanups, fly tying and fly casting clinics with his TU chapter. 
Whether you love to cast dry flies, deep water nymphing or streamers. Jeff makes a promise to his clients that he will do all he can to make your trip on the Green River enjoyable and memorable.


Cody Crosby

Cody was born and raised in Sandy, Utah.  He has been fishing the Green River for over 20 years and guiding for 5 seasons.

Cody has fished all over the country but loves the Green river for 3 reasons; first, it has the most beautiful crystal clear water and magnificent scenery in the country.  Second, he loves the fact that the Green River carries a huge number of fish and when a fish eats your bug, you can count on it being a large fish.  Third, he likes the fact that on any given day he can catch fish three ways; nymphing, throwing dries, or streamer fishing.

Outside of fishing Cody enjoys hunting and spending time with his wife and 4 kids.

Cody’s favorite client is any, but he does enjoy  a client who comes to fish, and wants to cover every inch of water, but at the same time can appreciate the beauty of the river no matter how many fish hit the net.

Ryan Miller

Ryan was born and raised in Draper, Utah and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Utah.

Ryan first started guiding in 1996 on other rivers closer to Salt Lake but started guiding on the Green River in 2007.  He loves fishing the Green because of the clear aquarium-like water, the number of fish per mile, and because it has the large terrestrials in May.  He loves to fish with the pheasant tail fly because it works just about anywhere there are trout.

When Ryan isn't fishing, he enjoys upland bird hunting, watch pointing dogs work, and flying his falcons.

He loves guiding because he gets to learn new things, meet new people and friends, and loves calling the river his ‘office’.  He loves guiding anyone especially someone who is there to have a good time.

Bobby Lang

Bobby grew up fishing, catching his first fish at the age of 3.  He was given a fly rod for his 10th birthday, was given a 20 minute casting lesson, and has spent the last 25 years learning, teaching, guiding, living and breathing fly fishing and fishing.

He began working the fly shop at Flaming Gorge Resort in 1997 and began guiding the following year.  He left the Green River in 2000 to pursue a career in the fishing industry and has lived, worked, and fished throughout the West.  His career brought him back within range of his beloved Green River and despite his busy corporate and family life, has once again been guiding the Green River on a limited basis.

Bobby has been involved in the Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) and TU, serving as President of the Booneville Fly Fishers FFF charter club.

Bobby enjoys guiding anglers of all skill levels.  He is a very patient instructor, and enjoys introducing people of all ages to fly fishing and sharing his knowledge of the Green River and the Flaming Gorge area.

Tanner Meier

Tanner was born and raised in Utah.  His passion for fly fishing began at a family cabin on the Weber River.  Being a guide on the Green river is a dream come true.  Tanner loves to teach people what he has learned over the years and strives to help fishermen become better than the day before.  He enjoys all types of fly fishing including dry flies, streamers, nymphing, and even mousing.  One of his passions is to tie and test flies on the river.  Tanner invites anyone who wants to have an exceptional time into his boat.  He is very relaxed and patient with everyone while striving to make their trip unforgettable. 

While not working Tanner, loves to spend his time fishing and with his wife Beth.  Together they enjoy being in the outdoors, skiing, grilling, horseback riding, and of course, fishing. 

Dalton Weinant

Raised in Vernal, Utah my career in fishing began at a young age (9-10). As a kid a good friend of mine and I would frequent the nearby reservoir by bicycle. It was nearly a ten mile round trip to the bait shop that was just south of my parents house and north to the reservoir called Steinaker. The bait shop soon hired us to catch the night crawlers for their fridge and I was paid fifty cents per dozen until I could buy a new fred fishing rod.
I truly enjoy teaching people to fly fish while showing them the picturesque Green River from the deep Flaming Gorge to Browns Park. You can contact the Flaming Gorge Resort's Reservation Desk to peak to me about afternoon floats to avoid the crowds.

Ryan Dangerfield

Ryan was born and raised in Northern Utah. His passion for fly fishing began when he was young exploring waters all over Utah with his brother and father. The first time that he fished the Green River he fell in love. Ryan believes that the Green River is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Over the years Ryan's passion for fly fishing has grown into a way of life. Ryan spends all his time building his fly fishing career. When he isn't guiding you will find him fishing and tying flies to trick hungry trout.

Ryan loves guiding and introducing people to the Green River. He is a very patient instructor and welcomes all skill levels to his boat.

Ryan is available for booking on the Green River from April 1st through November 25th. He spends his winters guiding and chasing giant lahontan cutthroat trout on the mighty Pyramid Lake in Nevada.

Guy Collett