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Work at Flaming Gorge Resort


Thank you for your interest in employment with Collett's Mountain Resorts, Inc. / Flaming Gorge Resort.  We, as a team, live by our mission statement:

"We strive for Excellence in Service,
For Honesty in Every Situation,
And for the Dignity of all Individuals."

If hired, we hope that you, too, will have a desire to incorporate these values into your work ethics. Our motto also reflects our commitment to service... "WHERE FRIENDS SERVE FRIENDS"

We prefer to hire individuals who can work for a period of at least three months.  Our busiest season is April 1st thru mid-October.  Most of our wages start at $10.00/hour

We have employee housing in trailers with a rent of $100/pay period (every other week) on the property.  We also have employee RV sites available.  There is no RV space charge if there are two employees working.  If there is only one employee working per space lot, there is a $60/pay period (every other week) space charge.  There is a $30/pay period electric charge per RV spot.   Please indicate on your application whether or not you need housing or an RV space.  You will be required to read and sign a housing or RV space contract.

We are a ZERO drug tolerance Company.  You will be required to take and pass a drug test before being hired by this company.  We will arrange for your drug test.

We encourage you to read our job descriptions before applying so that you can find the job that best fits you.

Apply for a Job

When applying please fill out and submit the form below or you can submit your resume or questions to [email protected].

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